Friday, July 13, 2018

Benji 2018 Movie Subtitles Download

Without A Subtitles Movie Is Incomplete because subtitles help's you to understand The Story of the Movie. That's why today we are uploading subtitles for this movie in english, you can simply download the srt subtitles file by clicking on download button.

Benji 2018 Movie Subtitles Download Online for free

Movie Details:

Year:  2018
Country:   N/A
Genre:  Crime, Drama, Family
Time:  87 min

Subtitles Preview:

00:05:04,345 --> 00:05:07,715
I have pineapples! I have strawberry!

00:05:08,141 --> 00:05:12,428
I have grapes! I have grapefruit!

00:05:13,938 --> 00:05:15,138

00:05:15,481 --> 00:05:17,607
We had a plan, Carter,
and you done goofed it.

00:05:17,608 --> 00:05:18,775
The plan's still on.

00:05:18,776 --> 00:05:20,527
The plan was for you to get me B's.

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