Sunday, June 24, 2018

Download Pacific Rim Uprising 2018 : Movie Subtitles In English

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Download Pacific Rim Uprising 2018 : English Subtitles

Movie Details:

Year: 2018
Country: N/A
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Time: 111 min

Subtitles Preview:

00:00:44,120 --> 00:00:46,885
JAKE: <i>My generation,
we were born into war.</i>

00:00:51,680 --> 00:00:53,976
<i>Giant monsters
attacked our world.</i>

00:00:54,000 --> 00:00:55,047

00:00:55,640 --> 00:00:57,802
JAKE: <i>We called them Kaiju.</i>

00:00:59,800 --> 00:01:01,928
<i>They came through the Breach.</i>

Download Subtitles:

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